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  • HDMI technology

    HDMI technology continues as the leading digital video, audio and data interface that connects ultra high-definition displays to a wide range of consumer electronics, PC, mobile

  • What are UTP network cables and FTP network cables?

    Unshielded twisted pair cables are widely used in Ethernet. Eight individual copper wires (22 or 24 gauge) are twisted into four pairs to limit signal damage caused by electromagnetic interference.

  • How do coaxial cables work?

    A centre conductor which is usually a copper wire, which data and video travels through2. A braided mesh made from copper then helps to shield the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI)4.

  • what does a coaxial cable look like?

    Coaxial cable has a distinct thick, round shape because of its interior insulation layer. Its size makes it look very different to other types of cable